Law360 Quotes Partner Kathy Cannon
November 11, 2009
Partner Kathy Cannon was quoted in a Law360 article titled, “ITC To Keep Duties On Wire Strand From 6 Countries,” following a favorable decision by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) in a “sunset review.” (Sunset reviews seek to eliminate antidumping orders that are no longer necessary.) The ITC’s vote to maintain countervailing and anti-dumping duty orders on prestressed concrete steel wire strand from a host of nations, finding that domestic manufacturers could be injured if the duties were eliminated. The U.S. will maintain for another five years the existing countervailing duty order on imports of PC strand from India; the existing anti-dumping duty orders on PC strand from Brazil, India, Korea, Mexico and Thailand; and the existing anti-dumping duty finding on PC strand from Japan.

“We are pleased with the commission’s finding because retention of these orders will help to prevent further problems to an industry that is already struggling to compete with unfairly traded imports from China,” said Ms. Cannon. “Had these orders been revoked, the problems the domestic industry is suffering due to unfairly traded imports from China would have been exacerbated, causing further declines in the U.S. industry’s trade and financial performance.”