Special Keynote Speaker

Hardik Bhatt
Secretary Designate
Department of Innovation & Technology
Illinois State CIO

As companies seek to more efficiently connect network people, processes and operations through the internet of things (IoT), a greater understanding must be gained of the associated legal implications, risks and liabilities presented.

Join us for an educational and thought-provoking technology panel discussion with a group of seasoned in-house counsel from a broad range of companies and industries.

Topics to include:
  • Defining the Internet of Things and the top legal challenges it presents;
  • Implications in contractual agreements that support technology and connectivity;
  • Identifying the legal risks and managing/mitigating liabilities;
  • Best practices in Implementing IoT processes, policies and procedures.

11:45 am: Registration & Networking

12:00 pm: Lunch

12:15 pm: Presentation

1:15 pm: Q&A

To register and additional information, please click here.

Credits: One hour - State: Illinois - Category: General

Theater Parking at 181 N. Dearborn discounted with voucher available at program (max of 3 hours).