Summer Associates


A summer with Kelley Drye guarantees one thing:  your experience will be completely unique.  Our goal is to create a program that is customized to your individual needs and interests.  We achieve this by having small summer classes.  As summer associates are exposed to the breadth of our practices through in-house training programs, direct interactions with attorneys, or work assignments, we expect that their interests will shift.  Our summer classes are small enough that we can continue to tailor the program to each person’s emerging interests throughout the summer.  The result is a summer program as distinctive as you are! 

You will attend a series of workshops and luncheon seminars throughout the summer.  These include practice group introductions and “Lunch & Learns,” panel discussions on associate life, writing workshops and programs designed to educate you on the business of law.  We also strive to identify shadow training opportunities for each summer associate.  Previous summer associates at Kelley Drye have attended hearings in local courts, sat in on depositions and arbitrations and toured client sites. 

A summer at Kelley Drye is fast-paced and busy.  Kelley Drye lawyers invest their time and energy to provide you with challenging, substantive assignments to help you discover what we do and where you think your talent and interests might take you within our firm.  Summer associates get real assignments, often with tight deadlines and always with high expectations.  We staff projects leanly and efficiently and we expect our summer associates to step into the firm and roll up their sleeves.  As a result, you start to learn immediately and continue to build skills, knowledge and confidence as the summer goes on.  Our program is hands-on and it is hard work, but you will end your summer with a sense of accomplishment and a true sense of what it is like to practice law at the firm. 

The summer experience at Kelley Drye is not limited to just the office.  Informal social events are a great way for you to get to know the people who make Kelley Drye a great place to work, all while taking in the best of what each city has to offer.  Whether it’s cheering at the NBA Draft at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, enjoying cocktails with your colleagues in Parsippany or racing across the Potomac during the Annual Regatta in D.C., we want you to know who we are and experience the Kelley Drye culture first-hand.

A smaller program means more opportunity to work directly with our attorneys and receive valuable feedback.  Twice during the summer—midway through and again at the end—you will have a formal, comprehensive review.  Recognizing that immediate and contextualized feedback is critical to both your development and to creating a meaningful experience at the firm, we also urge our attorneys to provide informal feedback after you complete each assignment, and encourage you to solicit feedback from our attorneys directly.

You will be matched with junior and more experienced attorney mentors who provide continuing personal and professional guidance as you navigate the summer program and the firm.  The mentor program provides opportunities to meet and get to know your mentors socially, so that you have a network of support all summer long and when you return to the firm after graduation.

Early Interview Week Schedule

New York
American – 8/5/22
Brooklyn Law – 7/27/22
Cardozo – 7/26/22
Columbia – 8/2/22
Cornell – Resume Collect
Fordham – 7/28/22
Georgetown – 8/3/22
Howard University – 8/4/22
Notre Dame – 7/25/22
NYU – 7/27/22
Seton Hall – 8/2/22
University of Pennsylvania – 8/3/22
UVA – 8/3/22

Hiring Partner: Jaclyn Metzinger
Recruiting Contact:
Washington, DC
George Washington University – 8/3/22

Hiring Partner: Gonzalo Mon
Recruiting Contact:
University of Houston – 8/5/22
Tulane – 8/17/22

Recruiting Contact: