Kelley Drye


Associate Life

At Kelley Drye, learning goes far beyond sitting behind a desk doing research and writing memos. As an associate, you will be challenged by substantive assignments that reflect the breadth of our legal practice and teach the skills required to serve our clients.

We staff projects leanly and efficiently, which affords associates the opportunity to take on as much responsibility as they can handle, regardless of class year. A walk through our halls may lead you past an associate preparing for a deposition, another returning to the office after covering a hearing on Capitol Hill, or a team of associates working on a corporate deal. We have high expectations for our associates, and without a doubt, the best way for you to learn is by doing.

In addition to our hands-on approach to learning, the firm offers extensive in-house training seminars and workshops. We also sponsor a mentorship program that pairs each associate with attorneys who will provide guidance and support in your career development activities and help you achieve your career goals.

Whatever your area of interest, you will work with talented, well-rounded individuals who will help develop your professional and legal skills. You will be part of a place that encourages curious and creative lawyers to shape the future of the firm.

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