SNL Power Daily with Market Report Quotes Partner Andrew Minkiewicz on Offshore Wind Lease Auction

Partner Andrew Minkiewicz was quoted in the SNL Power Daily with Market Report article SNL Power Daily with Market Report.” A federal offshore wind lease auction in New York will proceed on December 15th, after opponents from the commercial fishing and seafood industry withdrew a motion to delay it. Led by the Fisheries Survival Fund, which represents sea scallop fisheries, the plaintiffs dropped one motion to delay the auction but maintained a second motion for a preliminary injunction against the execution of the final lease. Mr. Minkiewicz noted that Kelley Drye attorneys, who represent the plaintiffs, originally filed for a temporary restraining order and a temporary injunction and wanted the court to hear it prior to the lease sale, but withdrew the first motion for a restraining order to give the court time to hear the case. He went on to say that the hearing in February gives attorneys time to fully brief the issue” before the lease becomes official, a process that typically takes a minimum of 60 days.