Writing An Effective & Enforceable Sales Compensation Program

Breakfast Seminar Series

November 12, 2003

Your sales compensation program acts as a road map that serves to direct the efforts of the revenue engine for your business. Many times, when a sales team is failing to achieve its strategic goals, and failing to display the desired hunger and focus in the marketplace, your sales compensation program shares in the blame. In this Executive Luncheon & Learning program we bring together the experience and expertise of Sales University and Kelley Drye to present the critical success factors behind writing an effective and enforceable sales compensation program. Together, we will discuss:

  • Analyzing Your Sales Compensation Program – Learn how to identify where your sales compensation program is aligned with your Strategic Vision, and where it is not.
  • Compensating for Results – How to mix the 7 elements of an effective Sales Compensation program to motivate people to perform, and reward them for results.
  • Writing a Saleable Compensation Program – How to write a Sales Compensation program that is both understandable and enforceable.
  • Equity Compensation Alternatives – Different approaches to offering non-cash forms of compensation.