COVID-19 Washington Update: May 27, 2020
Kelley Drye Client Advisory
May 27, 2020
Today’s federal government activities in response to COVID-19 includes:


As reported in Tuesday’s update, the House is set to vote tomorrow on two pieces of legislation related to the SBA’s small business lending programs, including the bipartisan Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act.

Reports today indicate that House leaders may revise the bill prior to tomorrow’s vote to address labor concerns related to the elimination of a requirement that at least 75 percent of loan proceeds go toward payroll; instead of eliminating the requirement, the threshold may be lowered to 60 percent.

The House held unrelated floor votes today, deploying for the first time emergency proxy voting enabled by a rules changes adopted earlier this month. Six dozen House Democrats submitted the requisite proxy letters designating Members to vote on their behalf. House Republicans remain opposed to the process and yesterday filed suit in D.C. Federal District Court challenging the constitutionality of the process.

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White House / Agency Activity

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State / Local Activity

Given the plethora of state and local actions, we recommend MultiState’s COVID-19 Policy Tracker as a comprehensive tool to monitor the response