COVID-19 Washington Update: June 25, 2020
June 25, 2020
Below, please find a summary of today’s federal government activities in response to COVID-19.


House Democrats continue preparations for floor consideration next week of major infrastructure and health care legislation - while the bills aren’t directly COVID-related, leaders have stressed that the measures take on added importance in light of the pandemic.

Also today, House Democrats unveiled the Child Care for Economic Recovery Act “to expand the availability of quality child care, help workers return to their jobs when it is safe, and enable America’s economy to recover from the COVID-19 recession.”

House Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans today unveiled 26 bills to streamline the deployment of broadband infrastructure. In announcing the comprehensive package, they referred to the internet as a critical lifeline during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, ahead of the House Armed Services Committee markup of its FY2021 defense authorization bill next week, press has reported that the bill would allocate $1 billion to military pandemic preparedness and assist small defense contractors.

And the Government Accountability Office (GAO) today released a report on how federal agencies are administering the $2.6 trillion in emergency assistance allocated by Congress in response to the pandemic.

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Given the plethora of state and local actions, we recommend MultiState’s COVID-19 Policy Tracker as a comprehensive tool to monitor the response