COVID-19 Washington Update: July 31, 2020
July 31, 2020


Congressional leaders and the White House finished the week no closer to resolving their standoff on the next round of COVID relief legislation – meaning the $600 per week federal supplement to unemployment benefits will expire at midnight. Leaders remain in Washington, with negotiations expected to continue through the weekend.

Congressional Democrats remain opposed to a temporary measure – centered on an extension of the emergency unemployment benefits – suggested by President Trump and Congressional Republicans. The Senate may vote next week on a short-term renewal of the expired benefits, though the proposal is not expected to pass.

As we wrote in Wednesday’s update, other major areas of disagreement include funding for state and local governments, as well as liability reform – a major priority for Congressional Republicans and the business community (see Thursday’s letter to Congress from a coalition of business groups).

Following last votes today, House Majority Leader Hoyer (D-MD) advised Members that “as conversations surrounding additional coronavirus relief legislation continue, it is expected that the House will meet during the month of August.” Leader Hoyer said Members will be given at least 24-hours' notice before being called back to Washington to vote. “We will not start the August district work period until we pass appropriate COVID-19 relief to meet the current health and economic crisis confronting our people and our country,” he said.

To date, no COVID-related Congressional hearings have been scheduled for next week.

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