COVID-19 Washington Update: July 22, 2020
July 22, 2020

Below, please find a summary of the federal government’s activities in response to COVID-19 since Monday’s update. Our next update will be published Friday, July 24


Senate Republicans and administration officials continue efforts to finalize their forthcoming COVID relief proposal, which is expected to total $1 trillion or more. The proposed legislation may be unveiled as soon as tonight, although a consensus has not yet been reached on some key issues.

On the Senate floor yesterday, Majority Leader McConnell laid out his priorities for the legislation, focused on “kids, jobs and healthcare.” McConnell highlighted: a second round of direct payments to families and individuals (though most expect lower income restrictions than the first round); more than $100 billion in funding for schools; additional health care funding, including for testing, treatments, and vaccine development; additional targeted funding for “hard hit” small businesses; incentives for employers to hire and retain workers; and liability protections. While the plan is not expected to include more funding for state and local governments, it is likely to provide them with additional spending flexibility.

Not yet resolved is how Republicans will address the expiring $600 per week enhanced unemployment benefit. While an extension of the benefit is expected, it is likely to be less than $600 per week and may include some additional program tweaks. The benefit is set to expire at the end of next week.

On the floor today, Senate Democratic Leader Schumer urged a vote on the House-passed Heroes Act and suggested that Republicans have stalled for months “while COVID-19 surged in more than 40 states.”

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Federal Reserve Board To Maintain The Current Schedule Of Prices For Most Payment Services That The Federal Reserve Banks Provide To Depository Institutions In 2021, July 21, 2020


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Given the plethora of state and local actions, we recommend MultiState’s COVID-19 Policy Tracker as a comprehensive tool to monitor the response