Sustainability Is Simple
National Fisherman
May 2012
Consider what a “Sourced from the USA” label means under the Magnuson- Stevens Act. The fishery supplying the product is not subject to overfishing, and if overfished, is on a fast track to rebuilding. The fish were harvested by means that consider and protect essential fish habitat and minimize bycatch.  The protection and restoration of endangered species and marine mammals are mandatory. Strict food safety rules apply, from the net to the plate. As a bonus, the law at least creates the aspirational goal of maintaining vibrant traditional fishing communities. The USA label guarantees a product any restaurant should be proud to serve.  Yet the restaurant industry continues to debate the difficulties of identifying and then implementing  a sustainable seafood policy.  This article discusses the resources are available to the restaurant industry and how they can use them to give domestic seafood its deserved stamp of sustainability.