Legal Growing Pains In The Mobile App Market
The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel
September 2011
Today's smartphone is driving an entirely new market based on mobile applications ("apps"); these apps allow consumers to fully capitalize on the combination of mobile broadband and Web-based content and represent a bright spot in the wireless telecommunications industry. However, mobile apps have recently attracted scrutiny from legislators, regulators, and the consumer protection bar due to privacy concerns and claims of undisclosed charges.

Apps give developers new and unlimited ways to connect with customers, however, businesses must remain mindful of the developing legal trends and embrace the traditional principles of knowing your business, protecting the company through well-drafted contracts, and providing consumers with clear notice and full disclosure.

This article describes the rapid growth of the mobile app market, along with the legal and regulatory issues rooted in the relationship between app providers and consumers. It also highlights practical considerations for businesses that seek to enter this dynamic market.