Insurance Coverage for Threatened Data Breaches and Regulatory Investigations
Westlaw Journal
May 24, 2017
Senior associate Ken Kronstadt authored the Westlaw Journal article “Insurance Coverage for Threatened Data Breaches and Regulatory Investigations.” The article discusses what policy holders should know about cyber insurance policies, and the types of coverage that will be available if a company is hit with a data breach or hacking event.

Even though insurance carriers are moving to exclude coverage for cybersecurity and data privacy events from insurance lines other than cyberinsurance, companies may still be able to obtain some coverage under other types of policies, such as a commercial general liability policy, a directors and officers policy, or an errors and omissions policy.

“Simply procuring a cyberinsurance policy does not guarantee that a company will be covered in the event of a data breach or cybersecurity event,” wrote Ken. “Thus, it is critical that a company seeking to obtain coverage for a potential data breach or cyberevent be fully aware of its risk profile and potential exposure.”