Insurance Coverage For Hurricane Sandy Losses
The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel
January 2013
Hurricane Sandy, one of the most costly hurricanes in U.S. history, will severely challenge the insurance industry and businesses widely affected by the disaster. Policyholders will need to assess their coverage and be aggressive in pursuing claims. First-party property insurance is the main source of coverage that policyholders will possess. One of the challenges is determining what actually caused the property damage – wind, rain, storm surge, flooding, among others. Depending on the wording of a policy, insurers can characterize the cause as one that is not covered. The article provides a checklist of policies that potentially apply, such as business interruption coverage, contingent business interruption provisions, and civil authority provisions. The article shows the steps that businesses should consider to maximize their chances of recovery for losses. Some of these steps include documenting all damaged or lost property, documenting lost income and expecting an in-person inspection from an insurer representative.