EU Lobbying: Mandatory Registration as Silver Bullet for Transparency?
Multistate Insider
September 15, 2016
Partner Laura van der Meer co-authored the Multistate Insider article “EU Lobbying: Mandatory Registration as Silver Bullet for Transparency?” The article covers the European Union’s Transparency Register, a registration tool for interest representatives seeking to directly or indirectly influence the EU decision-making process. It notes that since 2011, the tool covers lobbying activities in the European Parliament and the Commission by virtue of an Interinstitutional Agreement. Registration in the Transparency Register is voluntary, however, the European Parliament and Commission have created incentives to encourage registration. Notwithstanding the creation of several incentives to sign up to the Register, a substantial part of EU lobbying is not reported. The article goes on to explain the shortcomings of the current registration system and efforts to improve transparency, including the possible issuance of a draft proposal on mandatory registration.

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