Cable Projects: Bringing Wind Energy to Shore
Commercial Fisheries News
August 2013
Associate Michele Hallowell authored the Commercial Fisheries News article, "Cable Projects: Bringing Wind Energy to Shore." This article discusses transmission cables that carry energy created by offshore turbines across the ocean and onshore to connect with land-based power stations and the impact of these projects. These cables can affect operations on water and on land for fisherman and coastal communities.

A project of this type, called the Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC), is planning to construct an extensive offshore "backbone" electric transmission system, with the goal of connecting wind farms from New York to Virginia. The AWC and each individual wind farm could seriously affect the fishing businesses in the area, including working waterfronts and inshore and offshore fisheries. Michele notes that the AWC project leaders have been seeking out meetings with affected stakeholders and are doing the right thing by getting fishermen's input on these plans. As a result she encourages anyone who may be impacted to make sure they speak up throughout the planning and permitting processes to ease the potential effects of this project.