Special Counsel Bez Stern Profiled by the Washington Council of Lawyers for Pro Bono Work
October 9, 2019
Special Counsel Bez Stern was profiled by the Washington Council of Lawyers for his pro bono work with Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), an organization that partners with law firms and corporations to represent unaccompanied immigrant and refugee children who have been placed in deportation proceedings.  The profile describes Bez as “engaged, attentive and compassionate” and highlights two of the cases Bez worked on, which both resulted in his clients, now both age 18, on the road to legal status.  In the article, Bez shares his most rewarding moments in his pro bono experience when he saw his child clients’ faces light up when their state court orders were granted, and he goes on to share why he was specifically drawn to KIND—to help children who he views as the most vulnerable population crossing the border.  The article goes on to say that Bez has been an invaluable source of information to KIND, providing essential feedback on ever-changing state court law processes in DC and Virginia.

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