Kelley Drye Partner Travels to Afghanistan for Pro Bono Project
May 9, 2003
Partner Stephen Stein traveled to Afghanistan in connection with his involvement in the Afghanistan Transitional Commercial Law Project, a pro bono initiative that will help the Afghan government to rebuild its legal system, which has been destroyed as a result of over two decades of internal and international conflict. The Project will offer guidance to the new government of Afghanistan as it develops strategies, plans and activities to rebuild its legal system; temporarily provide dispute resolution mechanisms; and promote the development of private foreign direct investment in Afghanistan.

Mr. Stein is serving as the leader of the Foreign Private Investment Law Team, which is responsible for preparing draft legislation for foreign private investment as well as investment in the oil and gas sector. He was one of 10 attorneys that traveled to Kabul to meet with Afghan government officials, including the President and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Commerce, Finance and Mines and Industries, to discuss draft laws which will ultimately comprise the "Transitional Code of Commerce" to be presented to President Karzai and the Council of Ministers for adoption by decree. The Project, which involves over 90 lawyers and legal scholars, is jointly sponsored by the Center for International Management Education (CIME) and the American Bar Association’s Asia Law Initiative (ABA – Asia).