WorldECR Interviewed Partner William Reinsch on Sanctions and Foreign Policy
September 2017
Senior advisor Bill Reinsch spoke with WorldECR shortly after the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, an act imposing new sanctions on Russia, North Korea and Iran, was signed into law by President Trump. Bill expressed his thoughts and ideas around sanctions and foreign policy based on his past experiences and current roles.

“If you lock sanctions into the [statute book] you remove the ability of the Executive to use them as leverage – it means you have nothing to offer – and also it creates the problem which was seen in the case of the sanctions imposed against Uganda in the Idi Amin era, where the regime goes away but the sanctions stay in place because of the sluggish pace of legislative change. And at the very moment that you want to provide support to the new guy, you can’t do that,” Bill noted.
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