Westlaw Journal Intellectual Property Quotes Jeff Jacobson on Horizon Healthcare Data Breach
January 25, 2017

Partner Jeff Jacobson was quoted in Westlaw Journal Intellectual Property’s article “Standing Issue Won’t Halt Data Breach Suit Against Horizon Healthcare,” discussing the data breach lawsuit against Horizon Healthcare Services that came about after two laptops with customers’ personal information were stolen from the insurer’s headquarters.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Horizon’s customers sufficiently alleged an injury-in-fact under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which prevents unlawful disclosure of legally protected information and allows recovery of statutory damages for those violations.

“The 3rd Circuit has now held three times in 18 months that if a company violates a federal statute intended to protect privacy, that violation is enough to confer standing to sue, even if the plaintiff has not suffered monetary or some other concrete harm as a result,” said Jacobson.

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