Washington Lawyer Quotes Special Counsel Kristi Wolff on Wearable Fitness Devices and Privacy Issues
December 2015
Special counsel Kristi L. Wolff was featured in the Washington Lawyer article “Every Breath You Take.” The article covers health-surveillance tools, mobile fitness applications and the data security issues that come with a new era of consumer health care. Ms. Wolff notes that, “What we have is this vast amount of information that is being created, and, as the Federal Trade Commission has found, not a lot of attention yet being paid by consumers to how it's being used and shared." She goes on to comment on how top-line technology companies will deal with public privacy policies. "The leaders in the industry are going to look to the importance of their brand," she said.  "Consumers have impressions of brands, and they ask themselves whether they can trust a company. They recognize there are always going to be risks, but I think there is value in the consumer mind and the company mind in terms of offering a good product with robust consumer protections."