Turnarounds & Workouts Interviews Special Counsel Benjamin D. Feder on 2017 Bankruptcy Activity
January 2017

Special counsel Benjamin D. Feder was quoted in the Turnarounds & Workouts article “2017 Outlook: Restructuring Challenges and Opportunities Await.”  Mr. Feder said, “There will be fewer energy related bankruptcies, as commodity prices have stabilized and are trending upwards. Retail cases will again be a primary sector of activity, beginning with Sears.  After that, a lot will depend on the economic policies of the incoming administration and Congress.  He also said the bankruptcies that will likely be resolved are “three of the largest and most complicated cases ever – Nortel, Energy Future Holdings, and Caesars.”  Mr. Feder also commented, “As always, adapting to a rapidly changing economic environment and anticipating where opportunities will lie” regarding the greatest challenge in 2017.