TheStreet Quotes Corporate Partner Bruce R. Kraus on Possibility of Merrick Garland’s Election to Supreme Court
March 18, 2016

Partner Bruce R. Kraus was quoted in TheStreet article, “Should Wall Street Fear Merrick Garland's Views on Business?” The article discusses the threat Merrick Garland could pose to Wall Street if elected to the United States Supreme Court, as his opinions demonstrate a tendency to uphold the actions of federal regulations and defer to other regulators.

"He is not someone who carries around an ideology that decides cases, and in his opinion is a rationalization of what he thought anyway," Mr. Kraus said. "Our federal bench is composed of some of the smartest guys in the country, and in that rarefied group, this guy stands out – all of his peers just know this.” He added, "Garland is considered by the bar that practices before the Supreme Court, as one of the absolute best judges in the country. There is nobody better prepared, nobody who knows the law better, nobody who digs into the facts of the cases more. In the opinion of the folks who practice the law and his colleagues on the bench, people just have the highest respect for the guy."

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