The Wall Street Journal Quotes Partner Jaimie Nawaday on the Civil Forfeiture Process Following Jeffrey Epstein’s Death
August 12, 2019
Partner Jaimie Nawaday was quoted in The Wall Street Journal article “There Were ‘Serious Irregularities’ at Federal Jail Where Jeffrey Epstein Died, Barr Says.” Jaimie commented on the civil forfeiture process that federal prosecutors could employ to seize Epstein’s assets following his death on August 10. Any money seized from forfeited assets goes into a fund that can be distributed to victims. 

“It might be in [the victims’] interest to let the government go first,” Jaimie said, explaining that federal prosecutors are able to lay out publicly unavailable evidence gathered against Epstein from investigative tools, including search warrants and grand jury subpoenas, unavailable to victims that are suing Epstein’s estate. “The government has a higher rate of success.”

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