The Sacramento Bee Interviews Miles Cooley on Upcoming Presentation at the 150th Anniversary of Sacramento Children’s Home
January 17, 2017

Partner Miles M. Cooley was featured in the The Sacramento Bee article “Once a Sacramento foster kid, Miles Cooley has brokered deals for A-list entertainers such as Rihanna and 50 Cent.” Cooley, who grew up in the Sacramento suburbs, experienced a different upbringing than most of his classmates.

Born to teenage, interracial parents, Cooley was put up for adoption at the young age of five-years-old. He moved into the Sacramento Children’s Home where he spent most of his childhood. Now a Partner at Kelley Drye & Warren, representing A-list celebrities such as Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Rihanna, Cooley explains his story and the impact the Home had on his future.

Cooley will speak at the Sacramento Children’s Home 150th Anniversary Business Luncheon on February 1, discussing his story and how he was able to overcome the challenges of foster-care and achieve a successful career. “This is not some easy Hallmark special. Not all the stories end with a lawyer in a high-rise looking over a golf course in LA, a successful guy who drives a fancy car and wears nice shoes,” said Cooley. “That’s not the true success of the children’s home. Their success is in the grind: the day-in and the day-out of serving those kids, however their paths end up going afterward. What’s powerful about the place is that it was there and it was a refuge.”

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