The New York Times Quotes Partner Talat Ansari on Legal Outsourcing to India
August 6, 2010

Partner and India practice chair, Talat Ansari, was quoted extensively in a "Courtroom Confidential" article in The New York Times on outsourcing. Mr. Ansari said the legal work outsourced to India would not include areas where New York law firms continue to have an edge. However, he noted outsourcing can work particularly well for some basic work, particularly during discovery.

"'It is inevitable,' Mr. Ansari said, 'not only because of the pricing, but we have comparatively very competent lawyers who speak English there and have gone through rigorous law school training.'

"'Outsourcing was 'more efficient for our clients,' he added. 'Clients are getting more and more cost-conscious these days, and it's far cheaper.'

"However, Mr. Ansari also noted the rising middle class in India and how that could affect competitive pricing."