The New York Times Quotes Partner David Fink on Lawsuit Involving Elizabeth Taylor’s “Taj Mahal” Necklace
May 12, 2017
David Fink was quoted in The New York Times article “An Elizabeth Taylor Gem? Cue the Turmoil,” discussing the lawsuit against Christie’s Auction House for allegedly mischaracterizing the provenance of Elizabeth Taylor’s “Taj Mahal” diamond pendant, then canceling its sale to appease an unnamed VIP client.

The buyer no longer wanted the pendant after reports stated that the necklace never belonged to the 17th century Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

Taylor’s Trust alleges that Christie’s misrepresented the gem by going beyond the carefully worded warranty language for the Auction’s catalog, instead listing it as one of Jahan’s previously owned pieces.

“The allegation is that Christie’s mischaracterized a specific aspect of its provenance,” said Fink. “But that doesn’t make it a less enchanting item.”

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