The New York Times Features Partner Bruce R. Kraus on Judicial Review of S.E.C. Rules
September 21, 2012

A New York Times column entitled “Circuit Court Needs to Let the S.E.C. Do Its Job” discussed an article co-authored by partner Bruce R. Kraus, to be published in the Yale Journal of Regulation. The column, penned by the Times' chief financial correspondent Floyd Norris, extensively quoted Mr. Kraus. It called attention to the D.C. Circuit’s misuse of cost-benefit-analysis to overturn financial regulations, particularly Dodd-Frank reforms, and quoted Mr. Kraus’s optimism that guidelines for economic analysis recently posted by the SEC, which Mr. Kraus had a hand in developing, would soon earn the Court’s respect. Prior to joining Kelley Drye, Mr. Kraus was co-chief counsel for the SEC’s Division of Risk, Strategy, and Financial Innovation.

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