The New York Law Journal Interviews Partner Robert L. Haig on Commercial Division Advisory Council
December 20, 2016

Partner Robert L. Haig was interviewed in the New York Law Journal article “An Insider's View on Case Volume, Efficiency and Commercial Division Reforms.” Mr. Haig, chair of the court’s Commercial Division Advisory Council, discussed the formation of the council, created to ensure that business litigation in New York state courts remains cost effective, efficient and predictable. Examples of recent rule reforms include limiting the number and types of interrogatories that can be served in commercial cases; limiting the number of depositions that can be taken; and requiring the parties to come before a judge sooner in the litigation process. “We are trying to make businesses happy with the dispute resolution process, so they are willing to do business [in New York], have their headquarters [in New York] and resolve their disputes [in New York],” said Mr. Haig.

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