The New York Law Journal Features Partner Robert L. Haig’s Role in Commercial Division Video Sponsored by the Historical Society of the New York Courts
January 21, 2016

The New York Law Journal reported on a video about the New York Commercial Division, produced by the Historical Society of the New York Courts, which features partner Robert L. Haig. The video includes brief interviews with more than two dozen judges, litigators, including Mr. Haig, and business advocates who discuss the benefits of litigating complex business matters in the Commercial Division in New York State Supreme Court. Mr. Haig, who is chair of the Commercial Division Advisory Council, discusses the history of the Commercial Division’s inception. “In 1995, when the commercial division first started, the prevailing attitude in the New York State courts was that there were too many cases in the court system and not enough money and that nothing could be done about it,” said Mr. Haig.

Mr. Haig also discusses a unique rule that the Commercial Division offers. “We decided that we would try to design an optional procedure, and that rule enables parties to stipulate at the beginning of a case or before that, for that matter, that they’re going waive making certain kinds of motions. They’re going to wave jury trials. They’re not going to have punitive damages.”

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