The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel Interviews Special Counsel Wayne J. D'Angelo Regarding The Regulation of Hydraulic Fracturing
April, 2013

Special Counsel Wayne J. D'Angelo was interviewed by the editor of The Metropiolitan Corporate Counsel for a one-on-one question and and answer feature entitled "Hydraulic Fracturing:  A Status Report on Regulations."

The article covers an overview of current shale oil and gas plays in the United States and the technology that makes resource extraction possible from those plays - hydraulic fracturing, also known as "fracking."  Mr. D'Angelo discusses how various states are benefitting from this energy extraction, and how individual states choose to regulate horizontal drilling in their states.  The interview also reviews some of the opposition to hydraulic fracturing by environmental groups and the methods that they employ to protest drilling, as well as some of the regulatory avenues that EPA and other agencies within the Obama administration are considering for federal regulation of hydrocarbon extraction.

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