The International Business Times Quotes Partner Dana B. Rosenfeld on Complaint Filed with the FTC Over Facebook
July 3, 2014

Partner Dana B. Rosenfeld was quoted in the International Business Times article “Privacy Group Files Complaint With FTC Over Facebook Mood Experiment.” The article discusses how a prominent consumer privacy group is filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, claiming that Facebook’s users were deceived by the mood experiments conducted by the social network in 2012. Whether the FTC decides to investigate Facebook will hinge largely on what it disclosed to users in its terms of service. Ms. Rosenfeld explained that "If they never disclosed they might be conducting this research, either in the privacy policy or user agreement, and is not something users likely would expect to occur,  it potentially could be considered a deceptive practice. If these are material terms that users would not expect by signing up for Facebook, then they should be disclosed in a clear and prominent manner, using language consumers are likely to understand.”