The Hollywood Reporter Quotes Partner Andrew M. White on David Cassidy's "Partridge Family" Lawsuit
July 17, 2012

The Hollywood Reporter wrote that a judge ruled an arbitrator should handle David Cassidy's dispute with Sony Pictures Television over merchandise proceeds from the Partridge Family TV show from the 1970s.

The article reviewed similar lawsuits including Don Johnson's case against Rysher Entertainment, where a jury awarded him $23 million in profits over "Nash Bridges."

The publication stated, "Andrew White, an attorney at Kelley Drye who defended Paramount and CBS in the Happy Days lawsuit, agrees that the Don Johnson verdict had an effect, but defends studios against the charge they aren’t sending out accounting statements.

"'Producers of properties send out thousands of profit participation statements every quarter,' he says. 'Every studio has an entire department. I know a lot of these people and they work very hard at their job. They don’t always get it right and they are the first to admit it, but a lot of this comes down to routine quibbles over distribution statements and a lot of disputes get resolved before an audit.'"

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