The Hagstrom Report Quotes Partner Paul C. Rosenthal on U.S.-Mexico Sugar War
April 28, 2014

Partner Paul C. Rosenthal was quoted in the Hagstrom Report article “Sweetener Users, Mexico sugar growers: ITC should throw out U.S. grower case.” The article discusses how lawyers for the Sweetener Users Association and the Mexican Sugar Chamber have said that the case U.S. growers have brought against Mexican sugar imports is meritless and that the International Trade Commission should determine that the U.S. growers have suffered no injury. Mr. Rosenthal explained that the case is meritless because U.S. imports from Mexico did not displace domestic sugar but replaced sugar from other countries. He also said that it did not have an impact on price because the price of imported Mexican sugar was the same as U.S. sugar and that some petitioners had even been profitable during the period in question.