The Daily Telegraph Interviews David Fink on Morality Clauses in the Wake of Weinstein
February 10, 2018
Partner David Fink was quoted in the Daily Telegraph article “Hollywood Divided as ‘Morality Clauses’ Return to Contracts in Wake of Weinstein,” discussing the shift in Hollywood to include morality clauses in contracts since the emergence of sexual harassment claims against Hollywood heavyweights Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacy, and how Hollywood executives are seeking ways to minimize financial risk in the current “Me Too” climate.

“Of course there’s fear on the talent side that it’s just an easy excuse to fire someone,” said David. “Anybody can make an accusation up, or say something that is not necessarily true. But the danger of false accusations is not a danger of the moral clause itself. And the studios have an investment. Of course the studios are going to push for the moral clauses – they don’t want their project to be held hostage by somebody who did something wrong. And they don’t have any incentive to deliberately destroy the project, like getting rid of someone without real cause. Ultimately, anybody in Hollywood right now is wise to be paying a lot more attention to their conduct.”

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