South Coast Today Quotes Associate Andrew E. Minkiewicz on Scallop Regulations
November 6, 2010

Associate Andrew E. Minkiewicz was quoted in the South Coast Today article, "Scallop Industry Eyes Off-limits Treasure-trove on Georges Bank." The article discussed scallop fishing in Closed Area II, the Northern Edge of the Georges Bank, at the line separating U.S. and Canadian waters.

"'There's two areas with a lot of older scallops where we haven't been able to fish for the last 15-plus years,' said Drew Minkiewicz, a Washington D.C.-based lawyer with the Fisheries Survival Fund, an industry group representing scallop fishermen from Maine to Virginia.

'There's 30 million scallops up on the Northern Edge, according to the latest SMAST estimate, and we're not getting access to those,' Minkiewicz said."

Mr. Minkiewicz pointed out fishermen had to fish in less productive areas which meant more extensive dredging. If fishing in the closed area were allowed, it would be better for the marine life habitat. In addition, the article noted when scallops become too old, their meat grays and becomes unmarketable.