San Gabriel Valley Tribune Interviews David Fink on the Legal Issues That Accompany Street Photography
January 2019
Now that we live in a world of cameras, it’s necessary to understand how photos you take can be used without getting into legal trouble. San Gabriel Valley Tribune turned to Partner David Fink in the article “Snapping a Selfie? Attorney Shares Legal Issues That Come with Street Photography,” discussing the various legalities of public photography.

“If you take a photo of someone wearing the brand of blue jeans your company manufactures, you couldn’t use it to promote your product without his permission. That could lead to a misappropriation of likeness claim,” David explains.

David points out that some legal pitfalls are much tougher to spot, including how to use iconic images. “There are people who control the rights to things like the Hollywood sign and Santa Monica Pier. If you wanted to put images of those in a coffee table book or just share them with friends you’d be perfectly safe doing that. But if you put them on T-shirts or other apparel and began selling them you might get sued for trademark infringement.”

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