Politico Quotes Senior Advisor Gregory Mastel on Trump Administration Trade Policy
December 20, 2016

Senior International Trade/Tax Advisor Gregory Mastel was quoted in the Politico article “Trump poised to weaken trade agency.” The article covers President-elect Donald Trump’s possible trade policies and who will head the Office of U.S. Trade Representative. Mr. Mastel said that talk that the nominee might have to play second fiddle to the commerce secretary could make the position less attractive to some applicants. But it remains to be seen what that means in practice, he said, noting the secretary of commerce, as well as the secretary of Treasury and secretary of state, all have some influence over trade policy in any administration. “That’s just sort of normal intra-administration politics, I think,” Mr. Mastel said. “There have been a number of commerce secretaries who have played an important role [in trade policy]. And they always play some role.”

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