Politico Quotes Partner August T. Horvath on POM Supreme Court Decision
June 13, 2014

Partner August T. Horvath was quoted in the Politico article “POM Win Could Spur Lawsuits, Experts Say.” The article discusses the Supreme Court’s 8-0 ruling against Coca-Cola, which was widely cast as a win for consumers and label transparency.  However,  legal experts say it could undermine the FDA’s own labeling initiatives and cause a spike in corporate litigation. Mr. Horvath explained that “POM is kind of unique. It’s a maverick in the industry and very well-funded. … I don’t expect to see a war break out in the juice industry” because few products contain pomegranate juice and few other companies would undertake Lantham Act claims against their competitors, “but other industries could have some [companies that] POM itself could embolden.” He also went on to say that “This is going to trigger some re-examination of juice labeling and probably other labeling across the food industry. The FDA will still be OK with [labels] of course, but what they should do now is review their juice labeling of this kind … and say, ‘Who is out there who might challenge this?’”