Politico Quotes Partner August T. Horvath on POM’s Effect on State Suits
June 17, 2014

Partner August T. Horvath was quoted in the Politico article “GMA: POM ruling could help in state suits.” The article discusses the POM Wonderful v. Coca Cola ruling from the Supreme Court, specifically its warning that inconsistent state laws and state court rulings threaten to cause disuniformity in national food labeling and were expressly preempted by Congress. Mr. Horvath explained that in making that distinction, the judges “were very careful to draw a fence around this ruling” as it applies to state laws and preemption issues. The court was clearly “trying not to answer the question about state preemption.” He also said that the opinion “will have an impact, I don’t know how much and it won’t get state plaintiffs all the way there, but it’s such a strong decision…that I think it will have an impact.”