Politico Features Senior Advisor Bill Reinsch on TTIP
October 6, 2016

Senior international trade/government relations advisor Bill Reinsch was featured in the Politico article “TTIP's fate grows clearer in New York.” The article focuses on the latest round of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership talks and the impact of the upcoming election. Mr. Reinsch, who formerly led the National Foreign Trade Council, notes that, “If I were Hillary, on TTIP, I would use it as an opportunity to pursue the kind of trade policy that she says would be good," said Bill Reinsch, a senior trade adviser for the firm Kelley Drye. One that's good for workers and good for the environment, and one that addresses those concerns, which happen to be a lot of the same concerns that people in Europe want addressed." Mr. Reinsch went on to comment on suspending the agreement. "Then you end up in one of these acrimonious games where each side is sort of obligated to blame the other for the failure, which then poisons the relationship and makes it more difficult not only to restart but to do anything down the road," he said.

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