Plus Company Updates Mentions Kelley Drye’s Representation of Domestic Activated Carbon Manufacturers
May 16, 2018
Partner John Herrmann was quoted in the Plus Company Updates article “U.S. Department of Commerce Announces Preliminary Results in Tenth Administrative Review of the Antidumping Order on Steam Activated Carbon from China, Says Kelley Drye & Warren LLP.” The U.S. Department of Commerce announced preliminary antidumping margins on steam activated carbon from the People’s Republic of China. "The antidumping order continues to be effective in ensuring fair competition with imports of activated carbon from China,” John noted. "We will continue our efforts to ensure the effectiveness of the antidumping order, including aggressive efforts to thwart various evasion schemes."

The petitioners, Calgon Carbon Corporation and Cabot Norit Americas Inc. are represented by partners John Herrmann, Skip Hartquist and Alan Luberda and senior associate Melissa Brewer.