Partner Sarah Roller Quoted in Seafood News Update
March 31, 2010
Partner Sarah Roller was quoted in a Food Chemical News article titled “Seafood HACCP Update.” Ms. Roller warns seafood companies regulated under Hazardous Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) of the pending food safety legislation that will layer on new responsibilities.

Due to the fact that pending food safety legislation exports HACCP-like principles to the rest of the food supply, seafood companies may think “it won't touch you,” said Ms. Roller. The food safety bills would require companies to adhere to new record keeping requirements, including more import scrutiny and an update of the seafood HACCP program. Ms. Roller suggests that “seafood companies need to be aware of the recent uptick in liability risks, especially with the Obama administration's new emphasis on aggressive enforcement and immediate posting of warning letters on its website.”