Partner Paul McCurdy Quoted in Connecticut Law Tribune on iPhones and Office Technology
April 14, 2008
The Connecticut Law Tribune quoted partner Paul McCurdy in an article titled "They're Hip, Cool and They're Dangerous. Security Concerns Stop Most Law Firms from Using iPhone." It addressed the growing popularity of the iPhone and how major law firms are adjusting to developments in technology.

The article stated, "Paul McCurdy, partner of Kelley Drye & Warren in Stamford, said security, reliability and flexibility all come into consideration when his firm considers adopting new technology."

"'There are many news devices coming to market, so we guard against the power of a fad and gadget envy,' McCurdy said. 'We also have our team consider whether the application has legs to grow and adapt with us. We all remember the Betamax video machine, and we don't want to get caught with something that doesn't have the ability to grow.'"