Partner Kristi Wolff and Associate Lee Baumgardner Quoted in HBW Insight Article on CBD Labels
August 22, 2019
Partner Kristi Wolff and associate Lee Baumgardner were quoted in the HBW Insight article “CBD Suits Challenge ‘THC-Free’ Claims After Users Fail Drug Tests; Plaintiffs Bar May Just Be Warming Up.”  According to the article, suits filed by individuals who were terminated from their jobs after testing positive for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which they attribute to defendants' purportedly THC-free cannabidiol product, could be “harbingers of a larger wave to come.”

Quoting from an August 9th blog written by Kristi and Lee, they say that “setting aside the employment issues in these cases, the plaintiffs’ bar is likely to scrutinize CBD labels with the same skeptical eye they have taken to the food and beverage industry in recent years.”

To read the full article and to see more of what Kristi and Lee had to say on this issue, click here. Access may require a subscription. 

You can also read the full blog post on this issue by visiting the Cannabis Law Update blog.