Partner John Heitmann Quoted in Law360 Article on FCC's Lifeline Deal
October 13, 2020
Partner John Heitmann was quoted in the Law360 article, "DC Circ. Mulls Whether Lifeline Carriers Got Raw Deal". The article discusses the recent oral arguements before the D.C. Circut Court on whether or not carriers who operate under the FCC's Lifeline subsidy program are reimbursed for services they provide for subscribers in the cure period, a 15-day span during which customers who have not been using their subsidized services can confirm they still want them. Customers can "cure" the issue of their nonuse by using the services and remaining enrolled.

Until the subscribers do so, carriers can't be reimbursed for the service they provide to users who haven't cured their nonuse, but the carriers also can't cut off their service if they want to remain in the Lifeline program.

Heitmann described the process with an anology, saying, "if the National Lifeline Association served a hamburger to each of the judges, and Judge Rao ate none of hers while Judge Edwards only ate half and U.S. Circuit Judge Gregory G. Katsas finished his, the nonprofit would have still spent the same amount on each of those burgers."

"My cost in serving those hamburgers is the same thing," Heitmann said. "I can't take it back, and I can't serve it to somebody else."

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