Partner John Heitmann Featured in Law360 Article on FCC Subsidy Programs
June 25, 2021
A recent Law360 article found that some internet service providers are forcing consumers to change plans in order to get a $50 monthly government subsidy or not validating customers' already-established eligibility to participate. Kelley Drye’s John Heitmann, who specializes in FCC subsidy programs, was quoted in the article saying that while customers are experiencing issues on the provider side, providers are hobbled with red tape and limited functionality in the government portals meant to verify that consumers are eligible for the program.

"The FCC has been too slow to fix glitches in their systems that create far too much friction for eligible consumers getting their benefit," Heitmann said. "The FCC and USAC should be far more transparent about the glitches that are causing consumer problems, because without such transparency, consumers are likely to blame the carrier rather than the National Verifier."

You can read the full story here. (May require a subscription)