Partner Jaimie Nawaday Quoted by McClatchy on Potential Money Laundering Implications in the Russia Investigation
September 8, 2017
Partner Jaimie Nawaday was quoted in the McClatchy article “Subpoenas likely if Facebook resists Russia inquiries.” The article reports on new territory for investigators following the discovery that a Russian company bought election-related Facebook ads in the 2016 presidential race. Jaimie explained that, even without collusion, if Russia used front companies or loosely regulated U.S. nonprofit groups to conceal the source of funding while spreading fake or harshly critical news about Hillary Clinton over Facebook, such activity would rise to a new level of illegality.

“If Russian agents were using front companies to purchase advertising in the United States in order to promote federal criminal activity surrounding an election,” Jaimie said, “that would be classic money laundering.”

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