Partner Jaimie Nawaday Explains Obstruction of Justice in Forbes
June 17, 2019
Partner Jaimie Nawaday was quoted in the Forbes article “Obstruction Of Justice for the Common Man.” In the article, Jaimie draws on her experience as a federal prosecutor to explain the concept of obstruction of justice and provide examples of how these actions pan out in real-life cases.

“Obstruction is an action taken with corrupt intent to stop or influence a criminal case,” said Jaimie, adding that in cases of obstruction, “defendants usually flush the evidence rather than eat it. Often they are unsuccessful.”

Jaimie also stressed the importance of enforcing obstruction laws. "Obstruction is, at its core, an attempt to corrupt the judicial process. Trying to thwart the integrity of, or rig, the judicial process. It's not so different from trying to bribe a judge,” said Jaimie. ”If those attempts or acts go unpunished, they threaten the public's confidence and trust in the judicial system. And once that's lost, it's nearly impossible to restore."

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