Partner David “Skip” Hartquist Quoted on U.S./China WTO Negotiations
October 27, 2010
Inside US-China Trade quoted partner David "Skip" Hartquist on plans for meetings in Geneva between the United States and China regarding U.S. claims that China violated its World Trade Organization obligations when it imposed antidumping and countervailing duties on U.S. exports of a specialty steel used in high-efficiency transformers, electric motors and generators. Mr. Hartquist represents one of the companies affected by the Chinese duties.

Following an initial Nov. 1-2 meeting, both parties can hold further consultations if they are close to reaching agreement, or the U.S. can end consultations if no agreement is in sight and request the establishment of a Dispute Settlement Panel, Hartquist said. He said typically the parties are not able to reach an agreement during the formal consultation phase because they have already engaged in informal talks prior to formal filing and have shown themselves unable to resolve the issue.